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A recent report from a leading consumer magazine found that two-thirds of all hearing aids are fit and/or programmed improperly.

Not here.  You deserve better odds than that.  In fact, if you already wear hearing aids and aren't sure whether you are getting the best results possible, we'll check for you as a no-charge professional courtesy.
We provide our services to you with the following core values:

The only interests we serve are yours.  We'll tell you what others won't (or can't) so that you are well informed.  We are not a hearing aid retail store.  Unlike those that are, we don't try to sell you something from the moment you walk in the door; we'll treat you as a person, not as a "sales prospect".  We don't answer to anyone but you because we have no supplier quotas to meet.  You'll get information and advice that is objective and unbiased. We'll guide you so you can make the decisions that are best for you.

Don't trust something as important as your hearing to just anyone.  Working in partnership with someone who knows the science of both hearing and technology is key to achieving the best results for you.  If you're looking for hearing aids or other amplification devices, you have a lot of options.  If you want to hear as well as you possibly can, contact us.

Honesty and Integrity:
Professional services at a fair price (click here).  We invite you to compare us to anyone else. We'll even help you do that...check out a leading internet retailer here

We want you to be well informed.  Please feel free to click the links below to review  Hearing Aid Guides from Consumer Reports, the FDA, and AARP



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